Prairie Patriots

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Preparedness Teams

Prairie Patriots, in support of its purpose and mission statement, seeks to train our members in preparedness of our members, their families, their neighbors, and their communities. We provide training, including during general monthly meetings, directed at the implementation of preparedness concepts. We do this through assigning team commanders that oversee certain areas of our training, which we refer to as Preparedness Teams.

The following teams have been established by the organization as part of the Preparedness Teams:


This team is used to educate our neighbors and community in preparing for emergency situations or disasters before they occur. The ability to take care of oneself and their family is a priority during a crisis situation. This team focuses on training elements that includes, but is not limited to, security, food storage and water purification. It is focused on educational efforts primarily. Understanding basic security is important for all members, and it is encouraged that our members be trained on self-defense, personal protection, and team tactics, keeping safety in their mind at all times in training.

Community Assistance Team
Our Community Assistance Team (CAT) members assist with local community groups by providing assistance during non-emergency events, such as a marathon, fundraiser, or other community event. We have provided a safe environment for a Women's Retreat, including communications and a nice meal cooked over open fires under the watchful eye of Chef Karl.
It does not matter if you are a member of any other teams, every Prairie Patriot is considered a member of the CAT team.
Neighbor helping Neighbor!