Prairie Patriots

Neighbor Helping Neighbor 

Response Teams

Prairie Patriots, in support of its purpose and mission statement, seeks to train our members in providing direct assistance to our members, our neighbors and our communities during times of need or disaster, whether it be man-made or natural. In doing so, we have created two teams.  First, we created the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Second, we created the Community Action Team (CAT).

By having well trained members of our team available to provide their assistance, they can use their expertise to train and assist, ultimately allowing for an overall improvement in the quality of life of our neighbors and communities.

Our CERT members complete the FEMA required training, to include the CERT Basic Training Course, and are credentialed to assist during emergency operations in any government declared disaster area of operations.

Our CAT members assist with local community groups, assisting by providing assistance during non-emergency events, such as a marathon, fundraiser, or other community event.